A results-oriented, full-service surrogacy agency, Shared Conception provides clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry at an affordable price.  Effectively and efficiently, we match and facilitate gestational surrogacy arrangements with surrogate mothers and Intended Parents residing in the United States and internationally. Shared Conception actively works with traditional, gay or lesbian couples, singles, and with all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. We offer our clients a platinum standard of service, an insider’s knowledge of the surrogacy process and experienced and professional referrals to insure the Intended Parent’s and surrogate’s comfort every step of the way.

Your dreams of parenthood begins NOW as you peruse our site and reality starts to set-in-you can be a parent, really. Let the dream begin!

Let us help you give a priceless gift in a way only YOU can-through surrogacy!

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    Why Do You Need to Have a Successful Pregnancy to Become a Surrogate?

    One of the requirements for becoming a surrogate is a “successful term pregnancy." What this means is that to be a surrogate you need to have had given birth before. Many women want to help complete another family even if they do not meet this requirement, but we must include it for several reasons.Deciding to become a surrogate can be a life-changing decision, but it’s important to know the entire process before committing. One of the first things prospective surrogates will lo...

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    The History of Surrogacy: How Surrogacy Has Evolved

    To many, surrogacy may seem like a revolutionary idea. While this holds some truth in that the legality and medical advancements are ever-changing, the fact of the matter is that surrogacy has been around for thousands of years. Ever since people have been reproducing, surrogacy has been an alternative, helpful way of doing so.Traditional surrogacy is a relatively straight forward process, requiring a fertile man and a fertile woman, which made it an effective way of childbearing throughout huma...

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    6 Tips to Help Prepare for a Surrogacy C-section Delivery

    Preparing for a surrogacy C-section delivery is important. To that end,there are some essential steps to include in the preparation process.1. Talk with your provider/doctor about the expectations of a C-section delivery.

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