A results-oriented, full-service surrogacy agency, Shared Conception provides clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry at an affordable price.  Effectively and efficiently, we match and facilitate gestational surrogacy arrangements with surrogate mothers and Intended Parents residing in the United States and internationally. Shared Conception actively works with traditional, gay or lesbian couples, singles, and with all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. We offer our clients a platinum standard of service, an insider’s knowledge of the surrogacy process and experienced and professional referrals to insure the Intended Parent’s and surrogate’s comfort every step of the way.

Your dreams of parenthood begins NOW as you peruse our site and reality starts to set-in-you can be a parent, really. Let the dream begin!

Let us help you give a priceless gift in a way only YOU can-through surrogacy!

  • Surrogacy Terms Decoded: 17 Definitions You Should Know

    Although rewarding, the surrogacy process and its lingo can be confusing at times. Not to worry as our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, has defined common terms you’ll come across during your surrogacy  journey to make the experience as seamless as possible. 1. Carrier/Surrogate/Surrogate Mother: We use these terms interchangeably.

  • The Delivery

    As a surrogate, when the time comes to deliver the baby, there are so many emotions racing. We want to be sure everything is ready and in place well before the actual delivery day. There will be a cute bundle of joy (or two or three!) that will take center stage, of course.For the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the IVF clinic will continue to monitor your progress.

  • A Brief Look at the History of IVF

    •  In 1934 at Harvard University, scientist Gregory Pincus conducts IVF experiments on rabbits. Results suggest that similar fertilization is possible in humans.•  A few years later, John Rock and Miriam Menkin succeed in the first IVF of human eggs. However, implanting a fertilized egg into a woman has yet to be attempted.•  Fast forward 30 years, British scientist Robert Edwards heads to America to meet with Drs.

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