A results-oriented, full-service surrogacy agency, Shared Conception provides clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry at an affordable price.  Effectively and efficiently, we match and facilitate gestational surrogacy arrangements with surrogate mothers and Intended Parents residing in the United States and internationally. Shared Conception actively works with traditional, gay or lesbian couples, singles, and with all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. We offer our clients a platinum standard of service, an insider’s knowledge of the surrogacy process and experienced and professional referrals to insure the Intended Parent’s and surrogate’s comfort every step of the way.

Your dreams of parenthood begins NOW as you peruse our site and reality starts to set-in-you can be a parent, really. Let the dream begin!

Let us help you give a priceless gift in a way only YOU can-through surrogacy!

  • 5 Tips for Navigating the Intended Parent and Surrogate Relationship from a 3x Surrogate

    We are lucky to have Tiffany Jo Baker MA, CLC as our guest blogger today. Tiffany is a Couples Life & Fertility Support Coach (+3x Surrogate). She spends her time helping women and couples birth their dreams by navigating the road and relationships well while trying to conceive.

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    Why Choose a Surrogacy Agency

    There are so many surrogacy agencies to choose from. It can be very overwhelming. First, you need to educate yourself on the process so you can “interview” each contender.

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    LGBT and Surrogacy

    Surrogacy can be complicated, costly and is a huge decision for any couple. A surrogate mother or gestational carrier is a woman who carries a child for someone else. There are many ways that different types of families can find their way to surrogacy.

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