Same Sex Couples and Surrogacy

Same-sex couples desire the opportunity of parenthood like everyone else. They too want to hear the pitter-patter of small feet, late night giggles and chatter about the latest events at school. However, for them to build their family, they sometimes need the help of surrogacy agencies such as Shared Conception. They need help locating the right surrogate and they definitely need solid legal advice. Here is the story of one family.

"Panic. That's what Scott Hartzel felt when he learned his surrogate had multiple eggs developing.

He understood that this helped increase the likelihood of fertilization, but the thought of so many children was intimidating.

Then, he and his partner Scott Russell learned they were having twins. Panic turned to elation.

"I really wanted a girl out of this," said Hartzel. "We kind of knew it was going to be twins all along... My oldest is a girl and I thought, 'Can't I have just one more girl?' "

Fatherhood is a life changer, resulting in dirty diapers, soccer games and an immense sense of pride. It's also evolving, with today's dads taking on a larger role in parenting compared to previous generations. With same-sex marriage at the forefront, many gay men are pursuing adoption and surrogacy to bring children into their lives.

The twins, Garrett and Annamargaret were born  to the Hartzel-Russell family in late 2007.

The twins' older siblings, Ian, 17, and Grant, 13, were adopted at birth by Russell and his late partner. Hartzel has three older children from a previous marriage and later adopted Ian and Grant when they were young. After the birth of the twins, Hartzel's name replaced the surrogate's on the birth certificate.

The Hartzel-Russell  family is now complete. Surrogate mothers and surrogacy agencies, such as Shared Conception, have long been used by celebrities, the affluent and ordinary people looking for extraordinary families.  However,  same-sex couples looking to expand their families, are increasingly opting for this method.  Shared Conception can help you fulfill your dreams of completing your matter what those dreams are. 

* Excerpts and picture from Beth Roessner, The Desert Sun 


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