Nutritional Guidelines for Women Trying to Conceive

A surrogate mother trying to conceive begins eating for two long before she becomes pregnant.While there are no miracle foods that will guarantee a healthy baby, there is much a surrogate mom can do to stack the odds more in her, and the baby’s, favor. The perfect diet for a surrogate who are trying to get pregnant is basically the same healthy diet urged for everyone, but with a bit more emphasis on the following guidelines.

Choose meals that include protein sources.

Lean meat
Beans and lentils
Nut butters (such as peanut, almond, or cashew butter) as well as seeds and nuts
A generous portion of whole-grain products
Low-fat dairy products

Also look for foods rich in folates.

Pinto and navy beans
Orange juice
Say No to Artificial Sweeteners

For those with a sweet tooth, try these healthy alternatives.

Frozen bananas
Fruit smoothies
Naturally sweetened, nonfat frozen or regular yogurt
Low-fat, naturally sweetened sorbet
Fresh fruit


Skip the Caffeine
If you’re a caffeine lover, there is research to consider on caffeine and fertility. According to the
National Institute of Health, ingesting 300 milligrams of caffeine a day decreased a woman’s
chances of conceiving by as much as 27 percent compared to ingesting no caffeine.

So if you’re looking for pick-me-up, try these.
Decaf coffee or tea (not herbal, unless cleared by your doctor)
Naturally sweetened lemonade or fruit juice mixed with low-sodium sparkling mineral water
Filtered water steeped with cucumber slices
Naturally sweetened vegetable juices (such as carrot, tomato, or wheat grass)

Cut Back on Desserts and Refined Sugars

Excess sugar in the bloodstream can lower the body’s ability to manufacture the necessary
hormones for reproduction. So, skip those bakery-counter sweets, cookies, and other processed
desserts that use refined sugars. Instead try making your own fruit-juice sweetened treats. You
can find recipes online today for everything from applesauce cakes to carrot muffins sweetened
with pineapples, with little or no refined sugar. You might try apple-juice sweetened fig bar
snacks or apple cinnamon bran muffins.

Experts estimate that your body will create approximately 5 million cells each day based on
what you’ve eaten in the past 24 hours. Not only do you create new cells, you influence your
hormones, enzymes, and every cell in your body based on what you eat.

So, while shopping for healthier foods and eating a well-balanced diet, also remember to honor
and respect your body with what you put in there. Shared Conception looks forward to working
with you as a surrogate, call on us!

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