How much are surrogates compensated?

How much are surrogates compensated?

At Shared Conception, each surrogate determines her fee to the intended parents. Many factors go into this overall number. Has the woman been a surrogate before? Is there travel time and cost involved? Will the surrogate's health insurance be used or will she be required to purchase a new plan? Will this be considered a difficult pregnancy? Will there be more than one embryo or a multiple birth?

In addition, some surrogates have additional fees they include in their overall cost. Maternity clothes and a monthly allowance for paperwork and time involved in doctor's visits are also factored in.

Also, if the pregnancy becomes high-risk, many surrogates have added expenses. Housecleaning services and lost wages are included if the surrogate is required to be on bed rest.

Answering these and several other questions can help a surrogate determine her base fee. Once the surrogate and her intended families are matched together, the parties negotiate to come up with the final compensation package.

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1. Amine wrote:
Gestational surrogates are anlegs sent down from heaven! Due to a platelet disorder, I am way too high risk to deliver my own children. We had a wonderful angel that has delivered 2 beautiful girls for us, in 2010 and again last month, and we can't thank her enough for making us a family that we have longed for. This woman has given up 10 months of her life to provide another couple beautiful children and she is the true epitome of an angel giving of herself without asking anything in return!! I am a bit taken back when reading some of these posts, especially in reference to surrogacy being like prostitution. . It is disheartening to read such comments in reference to a person who chooses to help another family in need being referenced as a prostitute! If you haven't walked the walk of infertility or medical conditions that don't allow us intended parents to carry and deliver our own children, then you cannot imagine the heartache that we carry with us every day. Every person that chooses to build a family, whether it be by conventional or unconventional means, should be respected for their choices. I am sorry that some people blogging on here cannot provide traditional or gestational surrogates the utmost respect they deserve!

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 1:18 PM

2. Kylie wrote:
Melissa,I understand that you don't get the cencopt of surrogacy, but to say it's making the statement that children that need to be adopted are unworthy is 100% wrong. If that's your logic, why do people have their own kids at all? Why doesn't every married couple just automatically adopt instead of having their own children? Do you see what I'm saying? That's a blanket statement that is far too concise to touch on every situation out there. Additionally, some couples adopt embryos and raise them as their own, but they are not able to carry them so they get a surrogate. So, in a way, that is adoption AND surrogacy too. Fostering and adoption are hard, I agree. So is surrogacy. So is the heartbreak some of these parents feel at failed transfers, people that back out and so are the things some of these parents give up to have their shot at a child. I just don't understand why someone has to judge the way someone chooses to have a family. Just because someone chose a different way to have children does not negate your chosen way and to say so is judgemental and close-minded.

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 10:06 PM

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