How to pick a surrogacy agency

If you’ve thought it over, researched the topic and are ready to head down the road of surrogacy, your first thought might be, “How do I pick a surrogate agency?” Here are a few suggestions.

1. Do your research. Research on the Internet different agencies in your area. Although there are hundreds of agencies in the nation, many surrogates feel they like to use an agency close by. The geographical distance can be an issue when you’re paired with intended parents. Finding a fit that you’re comfortable with in terms of distance, is a good place to start.

2. Make a list. If you’ve never been a surrogate before, then you’re going to have questions. Chances are if you have been a surrogate before, you’ll still have questions! Make a list of your questions or topics you’d like answered.

3. Call and set up an interview. Call your top two or three surrogacy agencies and ask to speak with someone in charge. Ask if you can come in and set up a time to talk about becoming a surrogate. Be sure to bring your list of questions when you go.

4. Trust your gut. After meeting with a few agencies, go with what feels right to you. You will be working closely with the agency as you travel the journey of your pregnancy. You will want to feel comfortable, open and at ease at the agency. Pick the agency that best fits with you.

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1. Jason wrote:
I just worry about the children who have same sex patrens', they will grow up in the home not knowing any differant, and being very happy .until they get to school. Children can be very ugly to each other, and with some kids it is very hard to try fit in'. These patrens' can do there best to make the childs life as good as possible .in the home, they may be very successful .but once out the front door, and faced with people who do not think the same, or understand their way of life it will get very ugly. You can not expect a child to be able to defend themselves never mind their mom and mom or dad and dad.I understand the urge to be patrens, children are one of Gods greatest creations. But at the end of the day, its not about what the mom or dad wants, it is all about the child.

Mon, August 6, 2012 @ 2:12 AM

2. George wrote:
I've got to say that I'm in fundamental agmreeent with many aspects of transhumanism I'm a member of the WTA and largely in favor of biological self-determination. But in no way does the commodification of women's bodies represent freedom. Would these women be selling their bodies if they had other viable options for supporting themselves? This is not about reproductive freedom it's about the exploitation of the poor by those with the money to procure children in whatever matter they want. Why aren't pro-life activists trying harder to convince couples who seek babies through IVF, surrogacy and egg donation to ADOPT? Or, assuming that couples will seek babies that are genetically theirs in any case (and they will), wouldn't it be morally preferable to grow babies in artificial wombs (as icky as that may seem) rather than using women in the developing world as baby factories for rich Westerners?

Mon, August 6, 2012 @ 3:23 AM

3. Reetesh wrote:
Ryan I'm so enjoying fololwing your decision making around Kid-O #2. I recently listened to a BBC doc. about Indian surrogacy. It seems clearly fraught with all sorts of issues and I agree there's not one way of looking at it. And it's not exactly like adoption is uncomplicated. Anyway, it's interesting to get your take on it. Am looking forward to the next installment .

Mon, August 6, 2012 @ 6:17 AM

4. dcisakjbpa wrote:
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Tue, August 7, 2012 @ 3:04 AM

5. Shinkan wrote:
Why do gays need to be married, anaywy? needs to ask themselves: Why do straights' need to be married? Every answer besides pregnancy can be equally applied. And if babies is the salient difference, then we should give gay couples who have or are going to have children, the right to marry; and if we are *screening* couples before marriage based on fertility / reproductive-intention, why are we only applying this process to homosexuals? If marriage IS about children, it should be about having children. The problem in Australia is our Christian hangover. If we were really a Christian society, and marriage was really a religious (therefore, in Australia, a Christian') institution, we would not permit atheists to marry, or Satanists. When over 50% of marriage ceremonies are not performed in a religious setting, and there ARE religious groups who are for it, saying we're not doing this because it's against our' (?) religion is just nonsensical, if not an outright falsehood.

Wed, August 8, 2012 @ 2:34 AM

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