Surrogate Fees: Shared Conception’s Viewpoint

Shared Conception understands why you have decided to become a surrogate. We know you are passionate about helping complete or enhance a family. We certainly know that the surrogate mother compensation is an important aspect of the surrogacy journey.

We also know that family, friends and complete strangers will question your motives and the fact that you are being compensated. Usually, pregnancies are viewed as a joyous event and to you, nothing has changed. However, there will be people around you who see you as “renting out your womb” or exploiting a vulnerable family.

Sure there are a myriad of ways to make $20,000+ a year! To be honest, when you factor in morning sickness, sleepless nights, swollen ankles, doctor appointments, clinic visits, injections, labor pains and everything else associated with pregnancy, no logical and reasonable person would apply for that job...unless they have a yearning and a calling to profoundly help a couple or individual who is unable to have kids.

Although, people may ask you “How much do surrogate mothers make?” surrogate mother compensation is a very personal and private topic and you should feel free to talk about it as little or as much as you see fit. If you want, you can discuss the fact that you are offering a baby to a couple (or individual) who could never bring this dream to fruition without you. Sure, these intended parents can never pay you enough, as no reward can truly compensate your priceless gift. Think of the surrogacy fee as a token of gratitude for you taking care of their unborn child.

This surrogacy compensation is yours to use as you please. You have now forever changed someone else's life. Enjoy the fruits of your labor (no pun intended).

Surrogate Compensation

First Time Surrogate Base Compensation 24,000 to 26,000 base + TBD extras below

Additional Surrogate Compensation TBD 
Embryo Transfer Fee  
Start of meds fee  
Monthly incidental allowance **  
Mock cycle fee (If needed)  
Cancelled cycle fee (if needed)  
Life Insurance Policy  
Maternity Clothes  
Recovery after birth (lost wages or childcare)  
Medical insurance co-pays and deductibles  
Health insurance if surrogate doesn't have a policy that covers surrogacy  
Multiples Fee  
Invasive Procedures (Amnio, D & C, Ectopic Pregnancy, Fetal Reduction, etc.)  
C-Section (If required by Physician)  
Loss of Organ Fee  
Breast milk pumping Fee  
Breast milk pump supplies, machine rental & shipping costs  
Bed rest - Childcare  
Bed rest - Lost wages  
Bed rest - Housekeeping  
Long Distance Travel (airfare, mileage, rental car, hotel)  

Total Surrogate Compensation package Base + Extras (TBD) 


*** Total Compensation can vary greatly based on negotiated fees, health insurance surrogate carries and specific procedures Surrogate will go through.


  • The additional surrogate compensation is negotiated with the surrogate after a match is made.
  • Repeat surrogates are paid a premium which is negotiated.
  • Monthly Incidental Allowance is intended to cover for Surrogate's travel expenses (including meals and mileage) under 75 miles each way, parking, phone, postage, faxing, childcare, prescription prenatal vitamins and incidentals.