Surrogates and health insurance

Surrogates and health insurance

Shared Conception welcomes surrogates who both have and do not have health insurance. For those women who do have health insurance, we will happily look over your health insurance policy to see if there are any exceptions for being a surrogate. If there are no exceptions, and if the surrogate is willing, then we will use her own health insurance policy for the prenatal, labor and delivery portions of the pregnancy.

As always, the intended parents pay for all medical bills for the surrogate. This includes all co-pays, deductibles and other health-care related expenses.

If a surrogate does not have health insurance, then Shared Conception can help locate an outstanding health insurance policy for the surrogate. The intended parents will pay for the health insurance policy during the term of the pregnancy.

Have a specific health insurance related question? We can help answer it.

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1. Nicolette wrote:
interesting! one thing koa, re: gay male couples : you fogort about elton john and his husband. there was MAJOR backlash when they announced their pregnancy, and there was also controversy surrounding their magazine cover. gay male couples face an inordinate amount of stigma and intolerance for just simply being gay. the issue of them adopting etc., is always at issue. perhaps we are no longer alarmed by the issue itself, but in less enlightened circles outside the mainstream you can rest assure that tongues are still wagging.

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 7:09 AM

2. Lusy wrote:
Having been a surrogate x's 2 for 2 difefrent couples within 18 months, I can say that you do bond with the baby/babies you carry, but it's a completely difefrent ball-game than carrying your own. The reason we surro's can and do carry for others is to allow them the chance to be a parent to experience the joy's that we take for granted. You aren't giving your baby away , but giving them their child/children back! They entrust the care of their baby/babies to you for 9 months, and the entire time you have those children in your care, your entire goal is to see that baby in the arms of his/her mommy and/or daddy. There is no way to explain that joy. It is completely indescribable. And I'd do it all again if I could. The relationship I have with my former IP's is a precious gift that is irreplaceable. I have been humbled and blessed beyond words. They CHOSE me (and my family) to become a part of theirs. Those babie don't belong to me simply because I carried them for 9 months. But I had a hand in bringing that precious life into this world and will never take that for granted!And if you don't think you could do it, then you wouldn't be allowed. Its either something you have a desire to do at some point in your life, or you simply don't. You have to go thru a psych eval before getting very far into the process, and no good doctor would permit you to carry as a GS if you can't separate carrying your own child from caring for someone else's

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 10:31 AM

3. Nikolai wrote:
I am ashamed to say I thohgut the same as Melissa before I matured into someone who has compassion for others. After growing up, maturing, and experiencing infertility first hand I now know how ignorant it is to think anyone who cannot conceive naturally should adopt rather than use fertility treatments or surrogacy. No one knows what it is like to go through infertility, to be faced with possibly never having a biological child when you've always thohgut you would someday or at least thohgut you had the option. No one knows until they go through it themselves. Hopefully some people with bigger hearts can empathize even without experiencing it themselves .obviously some can since there are surrogates out there they are angels. Adoption is not as easy as people think .mentally you must grieve the loss of being able to have biological children, then you can't be too old or too fat or have bad health history or be atheist .these all make it more difficult and it's actually quite expensive when using an adoption agency which is safest. Also biological moms can and have changed their minds last minute I've had friends go through this awful experience. Adoption is not for everyone. I'm glad some people do it and are happy with their families but they need to respect others and not judge so harshly.

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 11:21 AM

4. Meta wrote:
Yes, and yet people still put tslvheemes on the line (and their families have to adjust also), in order to fill a broken heart with love.Our surrogates saved my life just as much as if they pulled me from an oncoming train or donated a heart. Surrogates are the ultimate example of the good in humanity, and humble me daily. What have I done lately? Uh picked up someone else's trash let another car cut in front of me how many people can say they changed, saved, joyfully fulfilled someone's life. Surrogates can.As an aside, every woman who is pregnant or contemplating pregnancy should read that list, as it's basically pregnancy risks. I tried and tried for almost 10 years to take on those risks except actually I would have been extra high risk due to being a DES daughter bedrest for much of the pregnancy was pretty much a given. I would have done anything to be able to carry my child even if it meant getting everything on that list.

Fri, October 19, 2012 @ 1:01 AM

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Sat, October 20, 2012 @ 6:47 AM

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Sat, October 20, 2012 @ 2:17 PM

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Sun, October 21, 2012 @ 2:57 PM

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