The delivery!

As a surrogate, when the time comes to deliver the baby, there are so many emotions racing. We want to be sure everything is ready and in place well before the actual delivery day. There will be a cute bundle of joy (or two!) that will take center stage, of course.

For the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the IVF clinic will continue to monitor your progress. Then, the surrogate will be released to the OB/GYN of her choosing. Many times this is the doctor she has used for her previous children's births and delivery. If there are multiple babies, many times the surrogates will be asked to come to the doctor's office for more frequent visits to ensure the health of the babies and the surrogate.

After the birth, the baby is handed to the intended parents first. It's nice, too, if the intended parents ask the surrogate if she wants to hold the baby. Some surrogates decide they don’t want to but most relish the moment.  

Then, once the baby is released by the pediatrician, the intended family will leave the hospital with their chid. The surrogate will leave the hospital with her family, and the wonderful feeling of helping a couple become a family.

Do you have questions about being a surrogate or the process on delivery day? Shared Conception would love to answer any questions you may have.

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1. Nicole wrote:
What an awesome gift to give smneooe! I could not imagine the pain of never being able to have children. With three of my own, I know how precious each one is. I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award! Please visit my latest post about The Versatile Blogger and see your award and where I linked up to your site :) Congrats!

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 2:35 PM

2. Megumu wrote:
I am a mommy via surrogacy. My dgthauer was born with the help of a friend offering to carry our precious embryo to birth and then give her back to us. I fully respect it is not for everyone but bless all those that can give this amazing gift to couples who cannot otherwise carry for themselves. As for fostering and adopting, there are amazing people out there that find it in their heart to offer this. It isn't for everyone and just because someone is infertile does not make them the right person to foster or adopt. I also know many couples come to surrogacy after the devastation of failed adoptions. Nothing just adopt about it. Something to ask yourself, why would you feel that only those without the medical condition of infertility have the right to have children of their own? Interfile's have no less rights to want their own bio children nor were we put on the earth as guardians to all the children in need of a home.Bless those that can be a surrogate for another person and bless those that are equip to foster a child in need.

Thu, October 18, 2012 @ 10:43 PM

3. Mena wrote:
I used to feel the same way as most of you. However I think my feelings may have chgeand. The whole time I was pregnant with my second I couldn't imagine that that was the last time I would be pregnant. We are at a point in our life that my DH and I feel we are comfortable only having our DD(4) and our DS(2). The only way we would have more would be an oops. I loved being pregnant. Of course I was one of the lucky few that didn't get sick. I had more pains with my second, but I loved it. I do get pregnant easy, my DD was the first try, my DS was the second. I feel like I would be able to do it for a special couple that really wants a family. Yes you bond with the baby, who wouldn't. However knowing from the beginning that it is not yours, not your DNA. You are just being a foster mom for an unborn child. Yes I could do it. Haha, now talking my DH into it is a different story.

Sat, October 20, 2012 @ 5:43 AM

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