Top 10 Reasons to Become a Surrogate


David Letterman has one, so do most magazines and gossip shows. What is it? Top ten lists! And since the New Year is upon us and many will watch the ball drop in Times Square, we thought we’d countdown the top ten reasons women should consider being a surrogate.

So in pure David Letterman fashion, here’s our top ten list!

  • Number 10: Your last pregnancies were a breeze!
  • Number 9: You want to turn intended parents into parents.
  • Number 8: Changing foul diapers and countless sleepless nights should be experienced by all!
  • Number 7: Your personality tests overwhelming classify you as a giver.
  • Number 6: Being a surrogate pays you to give the gift of life.
  • Number 5: Being pregnant justifies your secret love for pickles and ice cream.
  • Number 4: You think modern medicine is way cool.
  • Number 3: You really hate infertility and the hurt and pain it causes.
  • Number 2: Maternity fashion is hot right now.
  • And the number one reason to consider being a surrogate: Babies are an absolute blessing to those who can’t have them on their own.

We hope you enjoyed our fun list of reasons to become a surrogate. We know the reasons to become a surrogate are personal, varied and numerous. But one thing is for certain, the joy you’ll bring to an intended family if you decide to be a surrogate mother will validate whatever your reasons may be.

Wishing you all a Wonderful and Joyous New Year.

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1. Carmela wrote:
This is cute! :)

Fri, December 28, 2012 @ 3:25 PM

2. Persikabo wrote:
Hi, thank you very much for the article about the pacctire of Sex Surrogacy. I am recovering from Breast Cancer treatment and it is very usual for this treatment to knock out libido and skin sensitivity. Consequently my sex life has reduced from being fantastic and satisfying to a painful reminder of my greatly reduced capabilities. I suffer from cramping, dryness, highly sensitive skin, loss of body image, loss of hair, disorientation, lymphodemia, loss of energy and any estrogen hormones are entirely supressed in my body. ANY support from those qualified and interested in supporting post Breast Cancer treatment women would be a wonderful contribution. Depression can beset one out of two patients after BC treatment; a loss of one's sexual contact and pleasure is a very hard thing to bear. I am open to ANY help and trust myself and others to guage if it is helpful (so butt out those who criticise the value of it). So I am supportive of Sex Surrogacy and will try to find a practiioner who has integrity and something to offer. I am a gay woman and treasure sex as much as I do all other pleasures in life. Thanks again Ruth

Sun, January 20, 2013 @ 4:41 AM

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