What are the legal requirements for surrogacy?

Having a surrogate deliver your baby is a fragile situation. We at Shared Conceptions want to make sure the journey is legally correct, both for the surrogate and intended parents.

Texas is considered “surrogate friendly.” What’s this mean for you? Texas has specific laws on the books regarding surrogacy versus many other states that use case law instead of written law or ban surrogacy all together.

There are two legal agreements that are entered into between both parties. One agreement is signed by all parties at least 14 days before the embryo transfer. Another agreement is entered into when the pregnancy is confirmed. Both documents ensure the legal safety of both the surrogate and intended parents, including specifically outlining which party is financially responsible for the pregnancy and delivery.

Also, the legal paperwork ensures the intended parents name will be presented on the baby’s birth certificate, not the surrogate’s name.

Do you have more legal questions about surrogacy? Find out more about Shared Conceptions here. http://www.sharedconception.com/surrogacy-texas

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1. Mincee wrote:
That is the ultimate gift I think you can give sooneme. Since they are men...do they then buy and egg and have it injected with their sperm? How much does an egg cost? hmmmm..? You just raised so many ?'s in my head. I lay in bed thinking about it last night. If I had sooneme really close to me like a sibling that couldn't get pregnant, I would consider it. I go crazy when I am pregnant though, since I can't take a lot of my medications. So its really hard on me. Keep me posted I want to hear all about it! Thanks for commenting.

Sun, August 5, 2012 @ 1:48 PM

2. Laid wrote:
Oddly, the only place I've heard about this is within the IF cotmmniuy. I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or worse about it. Worse that no one is paying attention but better that maybe those outside the cotmmniuy don't even notice and won't see this make their idea behind ART worse. Of course, that may be because it is already as bad as it can get...

Sun, August 5, 2012 @ 3:24 PM

3. Dhanya wrote:
2cents, you're rude and you're wrong. I was a seamstress in a cousmte shop for 6 years, so I know alot about clothes. A stiff fabric with a lot of tailoring can do strange things on the body from time to time. This dress has a particularly unusual (custom) fit, as you can see when she is standing it is tight around the bottom (at her thighs) and around her rib-cage, but pleated to make room for her belly. Anyone who has worn one of those paper-bag waist dresses can tell you that they bunch up and shift in strange ways. I probably wouldn't have used the word collapsed, but I definitely think this is a wardrobe issue.Anyway, if Beyonce needed a faux pregnancy belly, I'm pretty sure she could afford the very best, one that would withstand the rigors of sitting and standing.

Mon, August 6, 2012 @ 1:15 AM

4. Marie wrote:
In my 4th pregnancy stcoamh, clothes, dress NEVER folded. Clothes tend to cling to a growing belly even if the fabric is loose it does not take on that form. I just hope she is not lying about the pregnancy because it is truly an enjoyable experience. Also people fit do not show early in their pregnancies, they tend to show later on. Plus how does your baby bump change sizes on daily basis. Yes blah blah blah on the clothes, it will never look completely flat and then huge the next day, only slightly smaller. Only thing for sure bigger is her breast. All the cliches of pregnancy, I think she wants to show more than she is far along, at least I hope. I'll give her a break as long as their is a bun in her oven

Wed, August 8, 2012 @ 1:43 AM

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